Scholarships in General

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Duration of Scholarships

Available Scholarships for the current call

The remaining scholarships per country, target group and academic level are listed on page remaining scholarships.

Scholarships according to proposal

According to the project proposal, there were different types of mobilities with different length. The following table shows the available duration per academic level and target group. The upcoming table is not valid for the last call, the remaining scholarships are listed on a separate page entitled remaining scholarships.

    Target Group 1 Target Group 2 Target Group 3
    Lot 5 → EU EU → Lot 5 Lot 5 → EU EU → Lot 5 Lot 5 → EU
Undergraduate  exchange  6 or 10 months 6 months - - 6 or 10 months
Master exchange 6 or 10 months 6 months 10 months 6 months 12 months
full - - - - 22 months
Doctorate exchange 11 or 22 months 11 months 11 or 22 months 11 months 11, 12 or 22 months
Post-Doctorate  exchange 6 or 10 months 6 months 6 months 6 months -
Staff exchange 1 month 1 month 1 month 1 month -

However, due to availability of mobility funds and based on the recommendation of the host university, the applicant may be awarded a grant for a period shorter than s/he has applied for (if applicable).

Financial Support

The scholarship covers travel expenses, insurance costs, participation costs (if applicable) and a monthly allowance.

Travel Expenses

The Electra project will cover the travel expenses for arrival and departure for all Scholarship Holders. Only the Project Coordinator is responsible for organizing Electra related mobilities.

Insurance Costs

Each Scholarship Holder will receive a full insurance coverage in line with the minimum requirements for the health and accident insurance coverage of Erasmus Mundus Action 1 and Action 2.

Participation Costs

If applicable, hosting universities will cover the participation costs incurred related to all students /staff independently of the duration of the mobility. Students from partner universities will continue paying their tuition and/or registration fees in their university of origin. In order to avoid double imposition of fees, in those cases where the hosting university requires the payment of the registration/tuition fees the students must not be charged the same fees by the universities of origin.

Monthly Subsistence Allowance

The monthly subsistence allowance will be paid for each full month of the mobility via bank transfer to the Scholarship Holder's bank account.

type of mobility  subsistence allowance
Undergraduate 1000 €
Master 1000 €
Doctorate 1500 €
Post-Doctorate 1800 €
Staff 2500 €