Research and Staff Mobilities

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Staff mobility

The staff mobility in the ELECTRA-project includes the teaching staff and researchers from the partner universities, but also university administrators. They will teach and/or participate in research or administrative activities in host institutions as well as exchange ideas and good practices.

Doctorate and post-doctoral mobility

Doctorate and postdoctoral mobility of researchers is also financed by ELECTRA. The European host institutions welcome also researchers or representatives of working life (e.g. local public authorities, school teachers) as ELECTRA grantees.

There are some additional eligibility criterias for mobility from outside the partner universities. ELECTRA nationals who have obtained a university degree or equivalent in a ELECTRA institution are eligible.

The aim of staff and research mobility

The aim of staff and post-doctoral mobility is to lead to professional development of grant holders. Furthermore, host and home universities/organisations will receive new ideas on how to broaden the curricula and courses offered for students or learn good practices. These results contribute to the development of both home and host universities: experiences of grant holders lead to a higher degree of innovation in teaching and research and increase international cooperation capacity at personal and institutional level. Hosting partner universities benefit academically from exchange of experience and good practices in pedagogy, research and administration.

ELECTRA promotes joint research projects and enhances cooperation in education and administration. The collaboration possibilities allow prospective researchers and academics to stay in their home universities and still utilize the expertise and experience of other prominent institutions.

The partnership has agreed not to invite grant holders to prolong their stay. Rather, joint research projects are designed to be developed between the partnership universities where the links developed can be used at the same time in supporting the institutional development of the universities involved.

Some practicalities

If you are interested in participating in the ELECTRA mobility scheme, please check the information under the link Application and Selection Procedure. It is also advisable to contact the host institution as early as possible, in order to agree on the mobililty dates as well as the content of the visit. Invitation letter from the host university is a compulsory document in application process.

Take also into consideration that the length of the semesters varies between the host institutions. Also the teaching and research methods may be different, and these matters are good to discuss with the host when planning the content and details. The visit will be most beneficial when it is well prepared and the visitor has also done some background work to find out more about the host country and institution. You should also be prepared to introduce facts about your own work, institution and country to the representatives of the host institution.