Application and Selection

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First of all, the Electra Partnership likes to point out that:

  • Only online applications are considered eligible. As a result, applications sent by mail, fax or email will not be accepted.
  • Incomplete applications or with blank or unreadable attachments will not be considered eligible and will immediately be disregarded.
  • All applications and supporting documents must be provided in English language.
  • Within the application, evaluation and selection processes it is sufficient to present provisional certificates. Original documents need to be provided if the applicant is selected as potential scholarship holder.
  • If the applicant has given incorrect or misleading information in the application, it can be a reason to withdraw the grant.

As soon as the application period is closed, the evaluation and selection process starts. The Electra Partnership makes use of a multi-stage approach.

  1. Pre-Evaluation
  2. Evaluation I
  3. Evaluation II
  4. Selection of Applicants
  5. Review of Selected Applicants
  6. Feedback to all Applicants


In the pre-evaluation phase each application will be checked if all necessary documents are available and if all requirements (e.g. of the target group) are fulfilled. The formal check of completeness is conducted by the home university. All valid applications will pass this phase and enter the next phase. Each incomplete application is dropped.

Evaluation I

All valid applications will be evaluated by the members of the Scientific Committee. The first part of the evaluations considers Academic Achievement, Mobility Plan (part and parcel of the Letter of Motivation) and Curriculum Vitae. Applications that do not meet the minimum requirements are rejected.

Evaluation II

In the second part of the evaluation phase, each host university evaluates the applications targeted to them. Each host university evaluates the applications in terms of Language Skills and Letter of Motivation. Each academic offer defines the minimum language requirements. Applications that do not suite this criterion will be dropped. All remaining applications are evaluated by the host universities regarding the letter of motivation.

Selection of Applicants

The Selection Committee decides which application is selected for a scholarship taking into account all pre-decisions provided by the home and host universities as well as the Scientific Committee elaborated in the pre-evaluation and evaluation phases I and II.
In detail, the available scholarships for each target group (TG) and type of mobility (ML) are allocated to the best ranked applications. When no scholarships are left available for a certain TG, ML and duration, all remaining (validated and positively awarded) will be marked as reserve in a sequential number. This allows the nomination of other candidates at a later step, in case some candidates, which were already selected, are canceling their applications. In general, the Selection Committee needs to ensure as much as possible a fair contribution among the host and home universities and to keep balance of the gender, as well as equal opportunities and the participation of disadvantaged groups, providing cooperation opportunities also to universities with a low number of applications.
An application may be selected if scholarships are available for the ML, TG and duration. If the duration differs between the available scholarship and the application, the duration is increased or reduced in order to better allocate the scholarships. Selecting an application means marking it as selected with a sequential selection number and marking other applications from the same applicant to other universities as not selected, in consideration of the possibility for applicants to apply to more than one university.

Review of Selected Applicants

The list of selected applicants (scholarship holders to be) will be shared among the Electra Partnership in order to make sure that no formal error is contained and to verify the feasibility.

Feedback to all Applicants

The Project Coordinator informs all applicants about the results of the selection process by email. There are three possible results:

  1. You are a Grantee. Congratulations, you are awarded a grant to one of your preferred host universities, please note that time and duration of the mobility might be different from what you have applied for. All selected candidates have to respond to the Project Coordinator if they are willing to accept the given scholarship within two weeks after notification.
  2. You are on the reserve list. You are not granted, but your application is on the reserve list. If a selected candidate cancels his/her application, the Project Coordinator will allocate the scholarship to the next available application/applicant based on the available reserve list. You will be notified by the Project Coordinator if the possibility for a grant emerges.
  3. You are rejected. You were not accepted by any of your prefered host universities. Not selected candidates can make representations regarding the decision within two weeks after notification. Each objection will be discussed and handled individually by the Management Board.

The Electra Partnership reserves the right to publish the application numbers of selected applicants as well as reserve list candidates on the Electra website.