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Grantee Section

The Electra grantees will find all relevant information related to their scholarship documented in detail in the Guidelines for Grantees and on an overview level on these pages. Please read all instructions carefully. In case you have any question, please visit the whom to contact and how page.

Each applicant is informed by the Project Coordinator of the result of the selection process. Every selected applicant receives a scholarship award stating the awarded type and duration of mobility as well as the hosting institution. If you accept the awarded scholarship, please send us the statement of scholarship acceptance dated and signed on time.

As soon as your acceptance is processed, you will receive your credentials (user name and password) in order to be able to access the internal area on this website and get access to all grantee documents. Please continue reading on page how to receive the grant.

If you are an Electra grantee and wish to withdraw the awarded scholarship or if you need to make any changes to your grant, please contact the Project Coordinator and the contact person at your host institution immediately!

Non-granted applicants are free to re-apply in the mobility scheme.