Whom to Contact and how

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Whom to contact and How?

First of all: How to identify yourself within Electra

Please make sure that the name you are using when filling in the documents, forms, reports, etc. and communicating with the Electra team, is the same as in your passport issued for foreign travel. When processing matters related to the awarded grant (including travel and insurance arrangements, reports) please always quote your Electra application number in order to avoid any confusion on your identity.


When sending emails please formulate a specific subject of your message that would allow us to identify the objective of your email. You yourself should be easily identifiable from the from field. Please avoid subjects that are too generic, and therefore useless to identify the content. Never send messages without a subject - they have a very high probability to be rejected by antispam software installed on most email servers.

Whom to contact

If you ... Whom to contact How to contact
... are an exchange student having any question concerning credit transfer towards your home degree. your Home and Host Institutions email
... are having any question concerning leave of absence due to the grant period. your Host Institution and the Project Coordinator email
... need any help in sending documents. the addressee email
... have questions regarding the legal and practical arrangements concerning the official invitation (a copy of your passport might be requested), enrollment, studies and housing arrangements, and consulting on the arrival and departure dates. your Host Institution email
... have any request to modify the Learning Agreement or Work Plan. your Host Institution email
... have problems in meeting the grant requirements (e.g. break in the stay, changing enrollment dates, etc.). your Host Institution and the Project Coordinator email
... have questions concerning the insurance. the Project Coordinator email
... wish to reject the awarded grant. your Host Institution and the Project Coordinator This has to be done immediately in writing.

A comprehensive list is available in the Guidelines for Grantees. If your case is not listed, just get in touch with the Project Coordinator.

How to contact

As you can see in the section above, most of the communication is done by using email. Any exception will be explicitly communicated.