Grant Payment

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Payment of the Grant

Duration and Amount of the Grant

The awarded duration and mobility level is stated in your scholarship award letter. As documented on page Duration and Value of Grants the scholarship covers: a monthly subsistence allowance, insurance, participation costs (if applicable), travel, travel related, visa and visa related costs.

You will receive your subsistence allowance on a monthly basis as explained in detail in the Guidelines for Grantees. Travel related, visa and visa related costs are reimbursed on request. Please consult the Guidelines for Grantees for the procedure that applies to your specific case.

Any alteration regarding your scholarship needs to be communicated in writing to the Project Coordinator and the contact person at the hosting institution and needs to be approved by the Project Coordinator and the contact person at the hosting institution.

Upon arrival at your Host Institution

It is of utmost importance that you get in touch with your contact person at the hosting institution! Action items that you have to face for sure are:

  • Provide original documents: It is your responsibility to present all the documents involved in the application process to the hosting institution as original documents or certified copies.
  • Provide original Scholarship Award Agreement: The host institution needs to be provided with the original Scholarship Award Agreement. As soon as the hosting institution signs it, it will be sent to the Project Coordinator. The agreement comes into effect as soon as it is signed by all parties.
  • Bank Account: If you are scheduled to receive three or more payments of the monthly subsistence allowance, you have to open a bank account in Europe. In that case, all payments will only be made to the beneficiary‚Äôs bank account in Europe.

Other typical action items (like residence permit, learning agreement, etc.) are listed in the Guidelines for Grantees.

Payment Procedure

The payment procedure is documented in detail in the Guidelines for Grantees. The options for customizing (like currency or installation cost) are documented there as well.
Due to banking practices, the grant may arrive at the grantee's bank account several days after the payment was made. Grantees must be prepared to finance the first weeks on their own.